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How to Change Removable Disk Default icon (including windows 7)

Posted by aamir khan

HI, guys this is Aamir Sorry for posting too late actually i was busy
But Now i am free and here 4u...

so today i am going to tell you a simple registry hack to change your Removable disk Default icon to your
desire icon.........
this Icon appear when you will plug-in your usb or Micro SD card in your PC....
check below my Removable Disk Icon that i have changed

changed icon

So Lets Start the work....
Go to >Run Type Regedit.exe

Now Locate the Shell Icons key in Local Machine by Going

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Icons] 

Note:- If YOu are Using Windows 7 You Might not be able to locate shell icons but Don't worry just Right Click on Explorer and Create Your Own One

OK After Creating A new Key(Shell Icons) Look Right Side
Right-Click In Blank Area And Create a New String Value
And Fill 7 in Value name
And SHELL32.dll,243  (you can also type a full path of your icon: like "C:\my-icon.ico)

string name and value

Now Press F5 and plug-in your usb Walllaaaaaah!
Your Icon Changed
Your Final Look Will be Like This
Usb Final view

If You Need Some Icons For Play this Trick You can Check Out Beautifull Icons Pack here

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