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"Ghost in the Wires" by world's most wanted cyber criminal- Free ebook download

Posted by aamir khan

"Ghost In The Wires" By Kevin Mitnick -the world's most wanted computer criminal
The book is complete and perfect explanation of his complete life starting from his age of 1 and till now...he described it with very simple english,he dint use any high level english...I can figure out that the word perfect social engineer suits him rather than hacker....Almost many of his chapters which described his hacks are almost done through social engineering,offcourse some through normal techniques..He desrcibed about his colleagues,friends who cheated him and every true of his life...
I expected many things before i read the book,but was not satisfied after it....anyway i learned many things from him too...we should not comment on him anymore because he is a legend and we are kids :) He mentioned his duration in jail and what not every tit bit of his life time and everything friends....anyway i cant say anymore because it is a book of 400 pages,how can 1 say it in few words???
So just  DOWNLOAD IT and read the book :) :)

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