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Turn your Email into delightful feedback forms

Posted by aamir khan

How to create a Contact us page for my blog?

This is the FAQ in new bloggers. Many People now a days doing blogging not even knowing nut shell of Blogging such as how to change Themes of a blog or how to add a widget on their blog..

In the Same way they Do not have knowledge of any web oriented programing language which is not obligatory but Helpful in many ways  such as creating a Contact us page..

Our today's post for all those people who fits in the second paragraph
So here is a very nice tool called squaresend which allow you to use your inbox as a web guest book..

Sound interesting but How? 

Just follow the Steps...

1. Sing up for

2. Grab the Script and Place it where ever you want to add the form  
<script src=""></script> 

3. Authorize your mail by Squaresen (Authorizing an email simply means telling Squaresend to accept messages sent to it through the Squaresend interface. When you sign up for Squaresend, your initial email will automatically be authorized.)

4. Put the Link where you want to show the Button or link.
this is the Demo Link
<a href="!">

5. See Docs for Comprehensive API Reference

6. See a Typical DEMO here and Have Fun....

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