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Make up Your Windows with 5 Cool Desktop Apps

Posted by aamir khan

Hi Here i have 5 Awesome Windows apps  that will change your Windows Experience.
The Internet Is Full of Windows customizing apps and i did alot search and download Many apps but Did not find any of them useful. but eventually i got these 5 cool apps that i would also Like to share With you. 

1. WinRoll
Make a window roll into its title bar, send it to the back or make it stay on top.
Nothing much to Say Just Download it and test it

2. Classic Shell
Adds Some Missing Features to Windows 7, Enhance Taskbar, Explorer  and Start Menu

3. Windows Pager

Nyan Cat Progress Bar
5. Windows 7 Boot Updater
one my Favorite tiny utility to change your windows 7 boot screen with the help of this you can animate your boot screen and change text ..
you may need some boot files to use this app that you can find here

so that was some awesome apps for windows user to make up thier windows.
if you have any kind of app or you think this should be  in 5 apps than feel free to comment till than B.Bye keep Visit...

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