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Use Google To Find Alternative Softwares

Posted by aamir khan

Many Times we need to know about an alternative of a Software so the first thing we did is Search in Google.
sometimes we succeed, sometimes we do not mostly not. then what to do?
As you know that Google is more than a Search Engine. So We will use the Power of Google...

see how.........................

In this Post We will Learn  How to Use Google To Find Alternative Softwares

let's say you're looking for new Audio editors. The one you're familiar with is Audacity.
Go to the Google home page and Simply type: "Audacity  vs"  as Shown Above and wait a moment.
The auto-complete will pop up with a list:

  • GARAGEBAND etc...

... Now—we have a list of further research topics. For a slightly bigger list you can pick one of your results and repeat the process

For Instance:

"7-zip vs'"
"C++ vs"
"Facebook vs"
"Windows vs"

and so on..........

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