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How to Embed Skype on a Web page

Posted by aamir khan

Skype is Very popular Software that make free (Skype to Skype)/very Cheap VoIP Calls.
Developed by Microsoft. Many People wants to put a Button on thier web page so they will be able to Connect others through Skype.

So here are Simple three easy steps to that Although info related this topic is available on skyep Developers 

Lets Get start:

Step 1. Using A Simple button Generator

just  go to this page and follow the simple instructions. The Web page will then give you javascript code that you can put onto your Webpage where you want to appear the button.

Step 2. Using Skype URI

Skype URIs enable developers to create innovative mobile, web, and desktop apps that initiate Skype calls and chats, enabling your users to reach their friends, family and businesses in a convenient yet familiar way. go here to understanding it clearly .

Step 3. Embedding a Single HTML line

Quite simply, using a Skype URI on a webpage is no different than using any other hyperlink—just set the value of your anchor tag’s href attribute to the Skype URI.

For example:
<a href="skype:username?call">Call</a>
<a href="skype:username?chat">Chat</a>

Note: when users will Click on the Link or on a button they will be prompted as shown below so they must have Installed skype.

For complete details on the syntax of each currently supported Skype URIs, see Skype URI API Reference.
For details on and sample code illustrating how you can use each of the currently supported Skype URIs in your apps, emails, and webpages, please see:

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