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10 Things notto DO on a First Date ♥...

Posted by aamir khan

As an old saying goes, "first impression is the last impression".

One has to subscribe to this saying when going on a first date. Here are 10 things you should absolutely avoid doing on a first date.







   1. Be a braggadocio

A braggadocio is a person who boasts about his own deeds irrespective of the response from the other person. Such kinds of empty pretentious bragging can be an anti-climax. So, avoid boasting about yourself in a bid to leave a pleasant impression on your date.






 2. Mention past relationships

Broaching the subject of a past relationship could prove to be a speed breaker in your rendezvous. You will get ample of time to talk about the past. You needs to realize that the girl wants to move over her past. Don't be a victim of the circumstances instead be a master of it. After all nobody wants to spend his/her first date wiping tears.







  3. Eat like a glutton

This means: do not end up going on a date when you are ravenously hungry. The objective of a date is to have a pleasant conversation. Eating is an excuse for the date. It is embarrassing and awkward to talk while eating. It is better if you adhere to one activity at a time.








4. Act nervous

This could be a tough task; it is crucial to realize that women like confident men. Assertiveness will help you score some brownie points on a first date. An amalgamation of confidence and sense of humour is an ideal recipe for a nice date.

5. Money can't buy love!

Talking about money will project your image as selfish and self centered who equates everything in terms of money. It can paint your image as someone who is deficient of emotions. This could affect the equilibrium of a relationship in the long run as your show-off may appear condescending.






6. Fiddle with your phone

There are two reasons for this. Talking or texting on the phone can be a hindrance on your first date. It will neutralize the essence of the date. Second reason is that flaunting your phone may not help win her heart. It is advisable to keep the phone on silent mode because one needs to give exclusive attention to the partner.





7. No Touching!

Only seeing

 If you get too close to your first date, there are chances that your first date will unequivocally be the last. A woman can determine the intentions of the partner from his touch. Thus, a date does not give the license to touch her figure but to touch her soul.




8. Smoking

Smoking is one of the most overlooked aspects which could annoy your date. Smoking can affect the gravity of your conversation. It is advisable not to smoke prior to a date as black finger nails and a smelly mouth can be a deal breaker.



9. Compare

A woman hates comparison with the other person. It is crucial to acquiesce that every woman has an identity and you should give due respect to it. Any comparisons to another person can be troublesome.

10. Lie

Honesty is the quintessential part of any relationship. Do not base the beginning of what can be a potential relationship on a falsehood since such relationships will be feeble and may not last long

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