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Make your own customized control panel with Windows GodMode

Posted by aamir khan

windows godmode

Control Panel is one of the frequently used utility of any Windows Operating system . With the use of Windows 7 GodMode feature you can customize the control panel , which will help you to reach specific control panel settings  quicker .
Lets assume for a while that you use the disk cleanup utility more often . To reach disk cleanup You’ll have to go to: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup ,which is often a laborious task. with you custom control panel you can do it with just few click . Here is how you can

Step 1. Enable GodMode
GodMode is availabe in Windows 7 and Vista . It a hidden mode . If you have already enabled it then you can skip this step , if not then Create a new folder on your desktop, and name it
as soon as you press “enter” the icon will then look like below

Step 2. Create another new folder on your desktop, titled “Control Panel” (or any other name you choose).

Step 3. Open the Godmode folder , there You’ll see a huge list of system settings, tools, and options. The list even includes options that are buried within tools, like Change Desktop Background.

Step 4. Select the settings that you use more frequently and drag them into your new “Control Panel” folder.

Step 5. For quick access pin your new control panel to the Start menu or Taskbar by dragging and dropping.
custom control panel

To add new settings you can use the same godmode folder and you can easily remove any setting by deleting it from the custom control panel folder

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