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FlipToast - Best Desktop App for Facebook

Posted by aamir khan

You might have downloaded many desktop applications fro Facebook for easy social browsing and connectivity but every time you discover some bugs in that application and sometimes it crashes too but today I found a very useful application for Facebook which is easy to use and properly configured for your desktop.
FlipToast - Best Desktop Application for Facebook

FlipToast is the desktop application for Facebook which provides a very interactive user interface to interact with all your friends on Facebook. It provides an easy way to update your status right from your desktop, upload images to any Facebook Album you created or it also have an option to create a new Facebook Album.
Notification are really amazing as you are doing your work notifications will interact with you to tell you all the latest stuff happing on Facebook.
FlipToast - Best Desktop Application for Facebook
So now simply go to FlipToast website and download the application install it and use it to have fun on Facebook really in an easy way.

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