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Posted by aamir khan

Windows with Internet Explorer.

First thing you will have to do is press Alt + #(press Alt and keep pressing and press #). Now release both the button and press Enter. This will make short cuts to work.
Now follow the following short cuts.
Alt+1 – will take you to the Home menu.
Alt+2 – will take you to the Wall menu.
Alt+3 – will display the Friends Request List
Alt+4 – will show the Messages list.
Alt+5 – will display the Notification list.
Alt+6 – will display the Facebook Account settings page.
Alt+7 – will show the Facebook Account privacy config menu.
Alt+8 – will show the Facebook fans group list.
Alt+9 – will display the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
Alt+0 – will show the Facebook Help Center.
Alt+? – will enable the cursor in the Search field ( for ?, don’t press shift)
You must press enter after pressing short cuts. For example if you want to negate to home page then press Alt+1 and Enter.

Windows with Firefox.

You must press Shift+Alt instead of Alt as in case of Internet Explorer. But in fire fox you don’t need to press Enter after each short cut.
Example, press Shift+Alt+1 to negate to home page and Shift+Alt+2 to negate to wall menu and so on as mentioned above.

Windows with Chrome.

Every thing is as same as Windows with Explorer but for Chrome we don’t need to press enter after every short cuts and we don’t need to enter Alt+# to make short cuts work.
One extra and interesting thing is that for chrome we can use Alt+m to create a new message.

Note: For short cuts to work you should not use numbers on number pad instead you should use numbers on top of the keyboard.

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