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Posted by aamir khan

Create a fantastic background texture

1)Open a new document 500pixels by 500 pixels. Reset the foregroung to white and background to black (D + X)

2)Apply the following Filters: Filter / Render / Clouds. Then Filter / Render / Difference Clouds. Apply the Filter / Render/ Difference Clouds twice more (Ctrl + F). Your image should look something like this image below.

Please Report Any Broken Images

3)Apply the following filter: Filter / Artistic / Rough Pastels. Use these settings: Stroke Length: 7 Stroke Detail: 15 Texture Type: Canvas Scaling: 100 Relief: 20 Without Invert Texture Light Direction: Bottom

4)Apply the following filter: Filter / Brush Strokes/ Accented Edges. Use these settings: Edge Width: 2 Edge Brightness: 38 Smoothness: 5

5)Apply the following filter: Filter / Distort / Polar Coordinates Convert: Rectangular to Polar. Your image should now look something like this image below.

Please Report Any Broken Images

6)Apply the following filter: Filter / Stylize / Wind Method: Wind Direction: Right Apply this effect 3 more times (Cntl + F)

7)Apply the following filter: Polar Coordinates Convert: Polar to Rectangular

8)Apply the following filter: Hue/Saturation (Cntl + U) Colorize selected Hue: 215 Saturation: 50 Lightness: 0

9)Duplicate the layer and set the duplicated layer's blending mode to overlay with an opacity of 50%

10)Give the duplicated a gausian blur of 2.5

Please Report Any Broken Images

That it's your done! I hope this tutorial was useful to you.

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